The long-awaited video for pop icon Celine Dion and R&B hitmaker Neyo’s new duet, Incredible, has been aired on US TV.

Fan’s have long been awaiting the music video release, after they performed the single on The Voice last year.

Let me Love You hitmaker Neyo says working with Celine was a dream come true.

He told Digital Spy: “The first time I worked for her I wrote a song for her, which in itself was surreal… This time around I actually did a duet with her - it’s her and me on one song, which was a challenge to say the least! I was trying to figure what I was even doing there - why would they need my voice when they have hers?.”

He added, “She wanted to do the song as a duet and I was flattered, but it definitely made me question my vocal ability.”

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Money Can’t Buy (feat. Jeezy)
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Money Can’t Buy - Ne-Yo ft. Jeezy

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Ne-Yo is preparing to heat up your summer with the highly-anticipated release of his untitled sixth studio album.

After tweeting the cover art for the project’s lead single, “Money Can’t Buy” featuring Young Jeezy, the “Let Me Love You” crooner captioned the picture with “The wait is almost over.” The 31-year-old also sent out an earlier tweet confirming the forthcoming melodies, saying “Album #6….It starts on Tuesday!!.”

The producer/songwriter mentioned that this album will chiefly be R&B, telling Billboard “I had a little stint with the dance music and all of that, which I had a good time with– and I love the audience, I love them for accepting me doing it –but I had to go home on this one. Had to take it back to my roots, and not to say that there won’t be one, maybe two songs on there that the dance crowd can get into, but the majority, the girth of the album, will be R&B.”

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Nike Spec Commercial Feat. Ne-Yo

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Nike Spec Commercial feat NE-YO

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“I just want to be one of the last great storytellers,” said NE-YO when describing his music career. “The greatest compliment I’ve ever been given — I’ve had people walk up on me and say, ‘Me and my wife’s first dance was to one of your songs,’ or ‘I was going through a really tough time with a breakup and your song helped me get through it.’ This is why I do what I do.”

As MOTOWN SVP/A&R, NE-YO is responsible for discovering new talent and bringing talent to the label. Asked by Sherman what he looks for in an artist he signs, NE-YO responded, “For me, it’s always about passion…if there’s no passion behind [your music], it becomes very ‘for the moment.’ And nothing ‘for the moment’ is ever worth it…”

In his conversation with SHERMAN, NE-YO touted the benefits of being signed to a record label. “The label is support,” said NE-YO. “When you want [your music] to move a little further than just your block or your city, that costs money. It’s not a cheap thing. It’s not an easy thing. From a standpoint of distribution, from the standpoint of marketing and promotion, there’s a million things that you can do yourself, but when you need that extra long arm to get you even further, that’s where the label comes in.”

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Maddie and Mason Smith

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Macy’s Music Festival organizers have announced that K. Michelle and Ne-Yo will perform at this year’s event, scheduled July 25-26 at Paul Brown Stadium, Downtown.

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Bust It Baby (Pt. 2)
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Bust It Baby (Pt. 2) | Plies (ft. Ne-Yo)

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Dem Haters
Rihanna Ft. Ne-Yo
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Record Label SRP Records published a part of the alternative version of Rihanna’s ‘Dem Haters’ song. In this version we can hear Ne-yo.

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